Home Buyers Bible P

Buying a home from the ground up--Tells you absolutely everything you need to know about every aspect of buying any type of home . . . step-by-step and in plain EnglishFrom property inspections to mortgages, from land surveys to titles and deeds, there are as many different steps involved in buying a home as there are snares to entrap the uninformed buyer. Whether you are purchasing a single-family house, a co-op, a condo, or a building lot, you need a good working knowledge of how every step in the process works and what to look out for along the way. The Complete Home Buyer's Bible gives you that know-how--step-by-step and in plain English. While other home buyer's guides are limited to one or another aspect of buying a home, this comprehensive handbook tells you absolutely everything you need to know about how to buy a new home, including: * How to decide on the style and size of a home that's right for you * How to determine your price range * How mortgages work, what type is best for you, and where to find one * What an appraisal is and how it can affect your purchase * Where to look for a house, how to choose a location, and how to work with a realtor * How to inspect a resale or model home and the building lot * How to qualify the purchase price * What to do before, during, and after the closing to stay in control of the process * Titles and deeds--what they are and how they affect your ownership * Land surveys and topographical maps and how they affect the property * Zoning laws and how they affect your purchase * Wells and septic systems--how they function, and what to look out for * Homeowner's insurance and home warranties * How to check for environmental dangers such as radon gas and electromagnetic radiation, and what to do about them * And much moreThe Complete Home Buyer's Bible also supplies you with a gold mine of charts, sample forms, tables, checklists, and graphics that give you a tremendous head start on the home-buying process and help you to stay in control throughout from beginning to end.

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Book Title: Home Buyers Bible P

Book Author: William J. Molloy

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ISBN: 0471131113