From Bad to Badass Leader: 12 Leadership Lessons

Introducing the From BAD to BADASS book series! The book From BAD to BADASS Leader is the first book in the series by Michelle D. Reines, it's an autobiography of leadership lessons learned. What this book is not, is a leadership academic resource, filled with principles, methodologies, laws or processes - it's a conversation. It's like we sat down and shared stories over an ice-cold beer or chilled tequila on a hot, sunny day. It's an unconventional leadership book, edgy, fun, playful and informative. By reading this book, you’ll be taken on a ride with me through my personal leadership story, I️ call my journey or ride. While you’re reading the tales of my woes and cat-howl moments, I️ encourage you to think about your own ride, your stories and how my experiences might offer you some insight into what’s happening on your journey. Our specific trades or crafts might be different, don’t be too quick to skip over the details of the ride. The lessons are in the stories. Stories make lessons stickier, like lock-tight to a nut & bolt. Challenge yourself to find the similarities that might be happening in your life. Fix what’s not working or no longer fits and cat-howl, growl and pound your chest for the stuff you’ve got dialed-in. Then get out there and pay it forward. Help develop other badass leaders by sharing your lessons learned. Yes, the good, bad and ugly! If you haven’t already, I’d love it if you’d Join the Club at www.badassleader.com, so we can keep this thing going and support one another. We’re just getting started. #ExpandYourTribe Badass Leader Tip: #BeLikeColumbus and dive into some self-discovery! You will find these Treasure Hunt workbook questions at the end of each lesson! #EnjoytheJourney

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Book Title: From Bad to Badass Leader: 12 Leadership Lessons

Book Author: Michelle D. Reines

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ISBN: 0578509962