Life Finances Simply Explained: From Graduation To The Golden Years

Most books about finance, saving money, investing, and retirement challenges are:- Too complex, making topics hard to grasp- Too long, reducing the odds the book will be readThis book is the opposite:+ Not complex, with overviews which offer easy understanding and tools to overcome challenges+ Not long, short and to the point+ Uses large font, lots of space between topics, and easy to understand charts and graphs to make your reading experience easierSome topics that are covered in the book include:Living Paycheck to PaycheckBudgetingCredit ScoreCredit CardsVehiclesReal EstateCollege / 529 PlansChild Care / FSA Dependent Care OptionHealthcareMedicaidHealth Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)Health Savings Account (HSA)Disability InsuranceLife InsuranceInvestmentsReal Rate Of ReturnTaxesSavings AccountsCertificate of Deposits (CDs)BondsStocksMutual FundsIndex FundsExchange Traded FundsAnnuitiesIndividual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)Defined Contribution PlanRetirement PlanningSocial SecurityMedicareLong-Term CareEstate PlanningFinancial AdvisorsThis book provides you with common financial challenges people face throughout life, as well as what financial tools are available to overcome the challenges. This book can help people of all ages, but is especially ideal for:Young / mid-age adults who need a broad overview of topics that impact their financial lifeParents / grandparents who want their children / grandchildren to have a better understanding about their future financial life

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Book Title: Life Finances Simply Explained: From Graduation To The Golden Years

Book Author: Mr. Brian Charles Hale

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