Never Enough: A Navy SEAL Commander on Living a Life of Excellence, Agility, and Meaning

This program is read by the author.In Never Enough, Mike Hayes―former Commander of SEAL Team TWO―helps listeners apply high-stakes lessons about excellence, agility, and meaning across their personal and professional lives.Mike Hayes has lived a lifetime of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. He has been held at gunpoint and threatened with execution. He’s jumped out of a building rigged to explode, helped amputate a teammate’s leg, and made countless split-second life-and-death decisions. He’s written countless emails to his family, telling them how much he loves them, just in case those were the last words of his they’d ever read. Outside of the SEALs, he’s run meetings in the White House Situation Room, negotiated international arms treaties, and developed high-impact corporate strategies.Over his many years of leadership, he has always strived to be better, to contribute more, and to put others first. That’s what makes him an effective leader, and it’s the quality that he’s identified in all of the great leaders he’s encountered. That continual striving to lift those around him has filled Mike’s life with meaning and purpose, has made him secure in the knowledge that he brings his best to everything he does, and has made him someone others can rely on.In Never Enough, Mike Hayes recounts dramatic stories and offers battle- and boardroom-tested advice that will motivate listeners to do work of value, live lives of purpose, and stretch themselves to reach their highest potential. A Macmillan Audio production from Celadon Books

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Book Title: Never Enough: A Navy SEAL Commander on Living a Life of Excellence, Agility, and Meaning

Book Author: Mike Hayes

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ISBN: 1250802911