Not like Other Boys: M/M Bully Romance

Lose an eye. Win a boyfriend.    Ethan. Taxidermist. Goth weirdo. Can’t wait to be done with high school.  Ethan is a young artist-entrepreneur with a love for quirky taxidermy. Roadkill is so much better than people. By the end of high school, all he wants is to develop his business, yet all his parents want is for him to go to law school. That is more than enough of a problem for Ethan, so any kind of love life is out of the question. That is until Robert Hunter, the quarterback of the football team, comes crashing into him. Literally.  Robert. Quarterback. In the closet. More than meets the eye.  Robert is the popular kid, the quarterback on his way to med school. He’s gay, but not exactly coming out since he doesn’t like to stir the pot. One night, spurred on by too much booze, he ends up causing irreversible harm to Ethan, the school’s weirdo.  The aftermath.  Robert will do anything to avoid charges for what he’s done, but when Ethan makes an indecent demand in return for his silence, Robert might just be in way over his head.  For Ethan, it’s a simple act of revenge on a bully, but when Robert turns out to be not-so-straight, their arrangement gets complicated all too fast.   Possible spoilers Themes: first love, fitting in, entrepreneurship, disability, high school, jock/goth, taxidermy, artist, coming out, becoming an adult, enemies to lovers, hurt/comfort  Genre: new-adult M/M romance  (Stand-alone novel, no cliff-hanger.)  Warning: Contains steamy, passionate scenes, violent injury, themes of bullying, and a morally ambiguous proposition.  (This book was formerly published as Diary of a Teenage Taxidermist.) 

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Book Title: Not like Other Boys: M/M Bully Romance

Book Author: K.A. Merikan,Tyler Kent,Acerbi & Villani Ltd.

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