The Art OF Competitive Pokémon

All hope seemed lost after being laid off during the pandemic. After only six weeks of applying these principles, reader - SD - managed to completely turn his life around. He shifted his mindset, jumped six hundred points, and found a new and better job. This rapid progression forever changed what he thought he knew about the relationship between Pokemon and life.Are you curious about competitive Pokémon? Have you always wanted to try it but didn’t know where to start?For the first time, there is a solution. Introducing: The Art of Competitive Pokémon! This book is designed to teach you principles that simultaneously improve your game and life. This is achieved through simple steps that any player can do.Want to increase your ranking now? No problem. The book is separated into four sections: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master. Each section is designed to meet players where they are and provide the next action step. Explore topics like: The three actions every player takesThe three pillars of PokemonHow to read an opponent's teamHow to manage risk vs rewardPlayers are always shocked at how fast they progress after the first chapter. Everything is made simple.Mrjamvad, a fellow Pokemon lover, delivers the important info minus all the confusing jargon. After reading the first chapter, you'll quickly realize what all the Hoo-ah is all about. And by the end, you will see the game of Pokemon and life in a whole different way! See what readers are saying: "A great source of information, not only for competitive Pokemon but possibly any other competitive game" - Dylan"A competitive Pokemon player's bible" - Ron Klebold   

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Book Title: The Art OF Competitive Pokémon

Book Author: Mrjamvad

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ISBN: 1709691778